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Parents' Corner

We believe just coming to therapy for one hour out of the week is not enough for a child to grow. We believe parents hold an essential part of the therapeutic progress and that the language learned in therapy and the coping skills should be used at home, too.

That’s why we created the Parents’ Corner; so parents can feel involved and act as a bridge of healing between therapy sessions. We will teach you the language we use, the coping skills we teach, and therapeutic activities that are a fun way for the family to bond at home. 

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telehealth child counseling

Telehealth Services for Children

COVID19 has affected us in so many ways. It has caused businesses to change how they practice, employees to change how they work, and parents …

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Little boy embrased his mother. Shyness, fears, anxiety. Hyper-attachment to mother.

How to Help your Child with Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety, usually experienced in very young children, is when someone is afraid of being separated from an attachment person or figure. The person experiencing …

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happy family enjoying each other

How to Encourage Positive Behaviors from your Child

A positive parenting approach is the most effective way to encourage more desirable behaviors from your child. Through modeling and empathy your child will feel …

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father ignoring misbehavior

How to Ignore Misbehavior

Note: We feel it is important to do your best to understand why the child is misbehaving and to ask yourself important questions such as …

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custody exchange tips

Tips for Handling Custody Exchanges

This article is inspired by the work of Tammy and Jay Daughtry, founders of One Heart Two Homes: Co-Parenting Seminar, it seems clear that parents …

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Sensory Processing Disorder in Kids

Sensory processing refers to the way the nervous system receives messages from the senses and turns them into responses. Senses can include touch, sight, smell, …

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parenting tips

How Counting Can Stop Problematic Behaviors

Please note this is just ONE method based off the book 1-2-3 Magic. The link to purchase the book will be posted below. The book …

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signs child needs counseling

Signs Your Child Needs Counseling

When to Seek Help All children have periods of struggling with managing and expressing emotions, trouble with peers, and learning which behaviors are acceptable versus …

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johnson city tn counseling

Now Accepting New Clients!

We are now accepting clients ages 0-18, and college students for counseling services. We are located in Johnson City, TN and open to serving the …

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child stressed

Common Reactions to Trauma or Stress

Common Child and Teen Reactions to Trauma or Stress There are many ways a child or teen may behave, think, or act following a stressful …

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Parent Help and We Can Help with Anxiety, Anger, depression at Sunny Path Counseling, PLLC in Johnson City, Tennessee

How to Talk to your Child about a Trauma

Tips for How to Answer When Your Child Starts Processing the Trauma Trauma is defined as “a very difficult or unpleasant experience that causes someone to …

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child sad

Therapy for Children Who Have Been Through Trauma

In This Article: The Beginning Stages of TherapyThe Processing PhaseThe ResolutionChild Abuse Hotline Many people have different ways they approach working with children who have …

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A Parent’s Guide to Play Therapy

The Intake Session Parental Involvement in Therapy Preparing Your Child for Therapy While Your Child Attends Therapy How to Encourage Therapeutic Progress What if Your …

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